Taking a stand together, against xenophobia

South Africa has been plunged into sheer darkness as violence against foreign nationals living in our country has reached a deadly peak. And, it is with great sadness and a sense of deep loss that I write this, to highlight our standpoint on the recent occurrences in our country.

As a progressive company that seeks to empower its stakeholders and staff through the work that we collectively do, our business interests extend beyond the borders of South Africa. And, in each country that holds our footprint, we extend the very same ethos of empowerment and economic freedom to the citizens we employ, as we do, our fellow citizens in South Africa.

We’ve always maintained that NAKO Group is a family-orientated business. As such, we value our employees as they are our greatest asset. It is in the spirit of family and togetherness that I write to you all to officially speak out against the mindless and vicious attacks that were perpetrated against foreign nationals over the past week.

As the EC of NAKO Group, I speak with one, unequivocal voice when I say that NAKO Group does not, and will not condone loss of life, malicious damage to property or intimidation and violence targeted at foreign nationals.

We pray that as a new day dawns, the light of knowledge, empathy and justice shall prevail over the darkness.

Felix Fuzile Fongoqa

Executive Chairman: NAKO Group

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