Taking a stand together, against xenophobia

06 September 2019 South Africa has been plunged into sheer darkness as violence against foreign nationals living in our country has reached a deadly peak. And, it is with great sadness and a sense of deep loss that I write this, to highlight our standpoint on the recent occurrences in our country. As a progressive Read more about Taking a stand together, against xenophobia[…]

NAKO ILISO’s Clint Koopman steps down as CEO and steps up to new challenges

May 2018

NAKO ILISO has announced that the company’s CEO, Clint Koopman, will step down as CEO, so that he can focus on leading the company as Managing Director for the Structures Business Unit (SBU). Fuzile Felix Fongoqa, Executive Chairman of NAKO ILISO remarked that Clint has been instrumental in leading the company through phases of unprecedented growth