About Us

NAKO Group comprises of two world-class consulting engineering firms with a resource base across the country dedicated to the sustainable development of Africa.

The two subsidiaries are leaders in their fields and well established in countries where they operate. They all share the founding ethos of NAKO Group i.e. long term presence in the countries and cities of operation; engineering excellence; investment in the development of local expertise and value adding partnerships.

With a strong presence across Africa and a formidable team of experts, NAKO ILISO boasts one of the most enviable portfolios in consulting engineering today. Specialising in civil/structural engineering, environmental and project management services, NAKO ILISO has collaborated with strategic partners from various countries including Botswana, Lesotho, Mauritius, Namibia, Nigeria, Uganda and Zambia to deliver sustainable engineering solutions that are tailor made for the African landscape. Click here to view NAKO ILISO profile.

NAKO LBE has been actively involved in the Oil & Gas, Energy and Mining sectors in South Africa since 1995. The company is recognised for its expertise in unique technology solutions for industrial and mining structures and other civil engineering infrastructure. NAKO LBE has contributed to the Eskom new build and return to service programmes, and have constantly been involved in capital expansion, as well as operating and maintenance projects at Sasol. Click here to view the NAKO LBE profile.